Faith, Fellowship & Festival

Faith, Fellowship, & Festival

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” - Acts 2:46 -


Imagine ….. Rambling berry vines, trailing wild grape clusters, and fresh hand-selected blooms of striking hue and softness all sprawling forth from a pedestal basin of tarnished silver. Candles flicker along linen tables laden with such pungent impressive arrangements. Jubilant guests appreciate each stem and bough filled vessel as a tribute to the blessed bride and groom and their refined polished taste. It is a matrimonial celebration graced with floral uniqueness and artistry….

Ahem….. rise and shine Katie!

Ah the dreams for our event flowers and arrangements!!!!! With a stimulating first season of growing and arranging fresh beautiful blooms under our belt – there is much to anticipate!  Our ‘winter’ of experimentation, study, and planning is purely preparation for our creativity to burst forth and lovingly grace events of all scales and exciting magnitude! Still, round two must be checked…for the safeguard of our creativity and the contentment of each honored client.  

Canvas & Cuttings, in the second season, should appeal to a limited number of brides with relaxed visions in textures and bloom variety. Laid back, lenient, and agreeable are client attributes that will ensure our best and most impressive production and creative demonstration.

“I realized this week that I just cannot do it all. So I will choose to do what I can, fabulously.” – Clinton Kelly

Package Options:

“The Potter’s Wheel”

"Let the Lord be the potter and us be the clay"

A fully customizable choice, this package entails exciting floral focal points of bridal bouquets, cascading centerpieces, and selected additional flowered bonuses. An enjoyable stroll through our garden of pungent blooms will determine both inspiration and availability. Furthermore, we shall visit and thoughtfully discuss the celebration at hand and all desires and imaginings toward it. Together, a plan and contract will be devised concerning arrangement style, color palette, provided containers, and remaining detail.




“Blooms en Masse”

Bulk buckets of blooms and foliage.

These merry stem filled tubs are perfect for the DIY bride; ambitious and creative souls looking simply for the most beautiful fresh elements to bring their matrimonial floral visions to life. 








We are excited to hear further details concerning your wonderful event!

Please email for our availability and pricing concerning each package or a combination of both! xo