Hoover Avenue

Hoover Avenue

“Praise the Lord from the earth,… mountains and all hills; fruitful trees and all cedars.”

- Psalm 148:7,9 –


                                                                                                                      It all started at our happy little roadside stand. 

Hoover Avenue is certainly not the golden road flooded with passersby looking to scoop up a bouquet on the urban drive home. Our little dirt road is completely off the beaten path; more like an avoided mud bog come spring. It is definitely the road less traveled. And we love it for that.

Still, this is where you will find our merry roadside cart laden with bundles of fresh picked bouquets. Each is an artistic arrangement in and of itself comprised of a pleasing variety of flowers and foliage.


          Leading Objective: Prolonged Vase Life          We are working very hard toward achieving a great vase life with our prized cuttings within each and every bouquet; beginning with these three principals:

Variety: The flower varieties selected have been painstakingly examined and narrowly rated in the criterion of lasting many happy days in a vase.

Harvest: Considerable research in proper harvesting techniques is still underway and assuredly will be a skill of constant perfection.

Clean Water: Providing bouquets with fresh water every two days is strongly encouraged in effort toward prolonged vase life of your beautiful flowers after leaving our garden.




Subscription Bouquets

Currently, an ambitious idea of “subscription bouquets” is on the table. These preordered bouquets would serve as a wonderful pick-me-up or loving and thoughtful gift! Brighten your home, office, or heart of a loved-one with a gorgeous trailing arrangement on a delightfully anticipated schedule!

A detailed plan is being drafted - Should this be a viable option to you, we would most appreciate your feedback or a note of interest!

Email me at katiechichester@gmail.com